• Work Collectively to advocate for the implementation of sound public policy affecting occupied, foreclosed properties
  • Minimize impacts of foreclosures by promoting long term stability of the Greater Four Corners Neighborhood
  • Support innovative means for residents of foreclosed buildings to stay in their homes
  • Implement best practice models in code enforcement and ownership of occupied foreclosed properties
  • Identify outcomes that can be replicated in other neighborhoods hard-hit by foreclosure

 "The COHIF pilot project preserves ownership of foreclosed properties within the community and it empowers our residents at the same time – we are all working together to stabilize our neighborhood."

-Mayra Duran, Greater Four Corners Action Coalition


If you currently live in the Greater Four Corners neighborhood and you need help because the house you live in is being foreclosed or has already been foreclosed, please contact us.

If you would like to get involved in COHIF, please contact us at: info@cohif.org.

The Giving Common

(Dig Boston - June 17, 2014)  Sometimes the best way to make a point is to commit a defensible crime. And so earlier this month, more than a hundred Boston residents and allies occupied a vacant, foreclosed home on Norwell Street in Dorchester. Once there, organizers settled in a family that had previously been booted from another house, and also built a pop-up pirate radio station with a rooftop antenna to broadcast their message: The housing crisis isn’t over!   READ MORE » 

(Boston Globe - June 16, 2014)  The difficulty of finding and holding onto an economical rental unit in Boston is enough to make a grown man cry. Not just any man, but Stephen Key, a Hall of Fame member of the World Martial Arts Federation. Key, 53, has shown the skill and courage needed to reach grandmaster status in kung fu. Yet he shed tears last week while describing his efforts to keep a roof over the head of his wife and three children on Norwell Street in Dorchester after government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae foreclosed on his former landlord and moved to evict the building’s tenants.  READ MORE » 

(The Bay State Banner - January 15, 2014)  A coalition of Boston housing activists is calling on the federally-funded housing giant Fannie Mae to end foreclosure policies they say are destabilizing Boston neighborhoods and driving up the cost of housing.  READ MORE » 

(Boston Globe - March 20, 2013)  Inocencia Perez and Gerardo Romero thought the arrival of a new landlord meant they could stop worrying about the status of their apartment, on the second floor of a Chelsea building seized by a bank through foreclosure.

But instead of newfound security, Perez and Romero — who have three young children — were unnerved when, not long after taking over, the two-decker’s buyer, City Realty Group LLC, raised their monthly rent by $300, to $1,300. The couple said they were given two options: pay up or move out