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Planning Office of Urban Affairs of the Boston Archdiocese 
Housing Partnership Network 
Boston Tenant Coalition 
Harvard Legal Aid Bureau 
Greater Four Corners Action Coalition 
Massachusetts Association of CDCs 
City Life/Vida Urbana 
The Chelsea Collaborative 
Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation 
Dorchester Bay EDC 
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute 
Greater Boston Legal Services 
Project Hope 
UMass Boston Center for Social Policy 
Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership 
Klein Hornig, LLC 


Mathew Thall, Consultant
 Timothy Davis, Consultant 
Ann Silverman, Consultant 
Charleen Regan, Consultant 


 Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development 
Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation 
City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development
 City of Boston Inspectional Services Department 
Citizens Housing and Planning Association 
City of Boston Fair Housing Commission 

 If you would like to join COHIF’s efforts as a supporting agency, please contact us.